Back to School Life…Back to Reality | Essex County Moms

By Illana


Just the other day, I sat on the beach with my toes in the sand soaking up the last few days of the summer sun.  The kids were having fun playing in the sand(you are never too old to build a sand castle) and dodging the waves.  As I sat in my beach chair, I tried to zone out for a minute or two. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the salty air.

(Don’t worry, I had my mom and sister in law keeping an eye on the kids!)  I started to relax and just enjoy being in the moment.  Sand on my toes.  The warm summer sun. Sea air with a salty breeze .  And then my mind starts racing.  Oh my goodness.  I have to sign up for the PTO.  I have to sign up for school lunches-there are only a few days left to do that.  We need school supplies.  We waited until the last minute because I could not think about buying school supplies in July!  I need to make sure everyone is happy with their choice of back packs.  Summer reading!  I might have to skim the book to help answer any questions!  I need to do a big food shopping.  I have to make carpool schedules and spreadsheets. And the list goes on and on and on!  I then look down at my feet and realize that I don’t even like the feel of sand!


As the reality hits of summer being over I think about devising a plan to make re-entry into the new school year a little easier.


Here are some things to do…


Adjust everyone’s sleep schedules now!  We are all used to sleeping in, having lazy mornings and not following a schedule.  Start waking up a little earlier the week before school begins and get the kids and yourselves into more of a routine.  Start now to ease into the school year.

Get as many school supplies as you can before school starts.  As much as we don’t want to buy school when school is out you will be better off having them and avoiding the crazy lines and lack of selections.  Ask around for any advice on the best things to get for certain grades. If you could order them through your child’s school that is a great way to get them and it usually supports the school/PTA/PTO groups.


Make all desk and study areas neat!  Start off the school year with a clean slate!  Go through old papers and toss what you don’t need.  Hang important things up on a bulletin board in an easily visible location.  Clear the clutter!  It’s easier to work in a neat and orderly area!


Plan the lunches ahead of time!   If you have the opportunity to order lunch through the school take advantage of that!  If you pack lunches everyday make a calendar of what to pack for each day.  And if you can, pack it the night before!


Input dates into your calendar!  Enter all of the important dates, carpool and anything else you need to know as soon as you get the information.  Do this while you are not swamped with a million other things.  Also, look into subscribing to Burbio.  It’s a great app that links up to your calendar for important dates for school in your town!  You won’t forget those half days anymore!


Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!  It’s important to give children responsibilities!  Make them responsible for a few things that will make life easier for you.  They can pack their own snacks, unpack and repack their backpacks and so on and so forth.  It will be beneficial to everyone!


Schedule some “me” time!  It’s a good idea to schedule a little time for you.  Whether it’s getting up a few minutes earlier than the kids to drink a cup of coffee and scroll through social media or indulge in a spa day, it doesn’t matter!  You deserve your own time too!  Don’t forget to put that into your calendar!


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