Meet a Mom – Saritte HarEl | Essex County Moms

1.How many kids do you have and what are their ages?


3 Girls






2. How long have you lived in Short Hills/Millburn/Livingston and what made you decide to live here?


16 years

I grew up in Morris County. Newly married and living in the city, this is the best area to move to! My sister lives in Livingston and suggested we look here, and we loved the area. My husband is from Chicago and loved the corridor of towns in our area


3.Tell us about your business and what other local things you are involved in!  And how did you get started?


I started my career in the luxury hotel business in NYC doing corporate sales. Transitioning to real estate sales here was a natural fit.  I always treated it like a business. Went into office every day and my business grew and grew. All through referrals. Having integrity and working hard was the key. I love working in and serving my community.

I am involved in UJA, my kids’ schools-Golda Och Academy & Millburn Middle School, the Interfaith Pantry and the Chai Center in Short Hills.



4.Favorite thing to do when you need “me time”? 


Work out at Poe, read fun fiction, cook or sit on my covered porch.


5.Favorite place for dinner with kids? 


Fiamma in Millburn


6.Most enjoyable place to hang out?


I love Neros or Summit House


7.How do you balance your career and being a mom?


Thankfully my husband works locally and is always helpful. We also have the best nanny who has been with us over 8 years. She helps so much with driving. My work schedule is always moving and coverage is essential!!


8.Proudest mommy moment(s)


Giving birth! It amazes me every time. I wish I could replay those moments again and again

9.Can’t believe that happened mommy moment!


When I realize I have become like my own mom


10.Best advice you have gotten from a mom?


You can have it all but not at the same time.

Another favorite is the quote-the days are long but the years are short.


11.Best piece of advice you can give other moms!


Your kids are born who they are. You can’t change them but you CAN help them be the best at who they ARE


12.One thing people would be surprised to know about you….

I don’t think they would be surprised. I am a “what you see what you get” kind of person.  I can be super silly though. At work people don’t see that because I am more serious, but I love to be around funny people and laugh a lot.

You can read more about Saritte and get in contact with her at her website.

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