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How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I have four human daughters, ages 16, 13, 12, and 9, and two yellow lab daughters ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2

How long have you lived in Short Hills/Millburn/Livingston and what made you decide to live here?

 We moved to Short Hills in 2009, after the birth of our third child.  Although city living was exciting, we needed more space.  Like most people, we were looking for a town that was close enough to Manhattan, with good schools and a welcoming community.  We have been very pleased with our choice!

Tell us about your business and what other local things you are involved in!  And how did you get started?

 I am a pediatrician at Roseland Pediatrics.  I have practiced general pediatrics and adolescent medicine for almost 17 years.  In college, I knew that I wanted to work with children and at the time was deciding between Pediatrics and Education (I still dream about being a high school biology teacher). 

During my residency at Columbia Presbyterian, my favorite aspect of Pediatrics was partnering with parents from the moment I met a newborn in the hospital.  Every stage of childhood is so exciting, and I love sharing my knowledge with families as they go through each stage.  I find myself listening more to my patients than talking, as each of their stories is so important.   

There are only a few careers where being a mother should be on the top of your resume, and I find Pediatrics to be one of them!  My personal experience (times four) helps me to form a genuine connection with my patients.  I can’t help myself from being super involved in the community around me.  Where do I start?  

My favorite volunteer opportunities are ones that allow me to spend precious time with my own children.  From being a Girl Scout Leader to Odyssey of the Mind Coach, I get to know my own children and their friends on a deeper level.  From organizing a Read-A-Thon to being a class parent, I try to give as much time to my children’s schools as possible.  I am in awe of the PTO executive board which helps our schools achieve excellence. I am very involved at Temple B’nai Jeshurun where I am the Vice-President of Congregational Life.  I find it rewarding to work closely with temple members of all generations and gain perspective doing so.  

Through the years I have raised money for pediatric cancer research through the amazing charity Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.  It’s incredible what our community can do when we all have a common goal to reach.  I enjoy working part-time so that I have time to devote to all of the above interests.  I am passionate about my career, and feel lucky to both work and have time to spend with my family right now since my kids seem to be growing up way to fast.  

I love working at Roseland Pediatrics because I am able to bring my unique flair to the job and I feel like a valued member of the team.  The physicians, medical assistants, and office staff work closely together as a well-oiled machine and I am energized in this positive environment.

Favorite thing to do when you need “me time”? 

 My favorite thing to do is go on a hike in the reservation with my two dogs.  I like walking with my friend who has all boys because we can enjoy drama-free conversations!

Favorite place for dinner with kids? 

 My new favorite place is Jack’s Crab Shack.  Eating there makes me feel like I’m at the beach!

Most enjoyable place to hang out?

 My favorite place to hang out is my backyard.  With four daughters, we always enjoy the company of their friends.  I love being surrounded by sweet kids!

How do you balance your career and being a mom?

 Who says I do?  I just do the best that I can and know that I can be in two places at once.

Proudest mommy moment(s)?

 I am very proud of my kids who seemed to get through 2020-2021 relatively well.  They all continued to care about their schoolwork, friends, health and each other.  Some of our best family moments were spent together during this time and I feel very fortunate.

Can’t believe that happened mommy moment!

 One of my children may have pooped in their bathing suits at a swim camp once.

Best advice you have gotten from a mom?

 “Does your kid mind?”  As parents, we sometimes get bent out of shape when things go in a certain direction, but our kids don’t seem to care as much as we think they do.  If they aren’t upset, move on!

Best piece of advice you can give other moms!

 Let your children choose their paths.  It is their childhood and they should choose how to spend their time.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

 I was a varsity diver at the University of Pennsylvania.

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