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As moms, we try to savor every moment we can with our kids. But there are some moments that are a little harder to appreciate than others. Diapering our babies often falls into that category (sandwiched between lack of sleep and toddler tantrums, ha!). That’s why we are thrilled to be sharing all about Coterie, a baby care brand that is making parents’ lives easier through *noticeably* better diapers. Think: incredibly absorbent, soft-as-cashmere and basically blow-out proof. Essentially, they’re the unicorn of disposable diapers. They also just won The Bump’s Best Diaper Award.

We spoke to two of our moms, Amber and Layla, about what they love most about Coterie diapers, as well as their wipes and “The Pant” (a miracle worker in the potty learning phase).

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They Simply Keep Your Baby Dryer
Bottom line, dryer babies means happier babies—and happier moms. “I have three kids and have tried many different brands of diapers over the years and I noticed that Coterie diapers hold a lot, while also keeping my baby dry!” says Amber Smith of Fairfield Moms. “Especially with boys, diapers tend to get fuller in the front faster and these held up so well during the day—no leaks or blowouts,” she adds.

They Save Busy Parents Time (And Sleep!)
The one thing none of us have enough of? Time. It’s truly our most valuable resource. Better diapers help moms maximize their time in so many ways. “My daily to-do list is longer than ever now that we’re back to school. With four kids I rely on using the best products to be efficient.  Coterie diapers are the most absorbent diapers, which means less sleep interruptions and less laundry. Plus, you use fewer so you’re not changing diapers (or shopping for them) as often,” says Layla Lisiewski, cofounder of The Local Moms Network.

The Wipes are Another Clear Upgrade
Coterie wipes are 100% plant-based, and bigger and thicker than the competition. “They do the job right. I’ve cleaned my share of bums and the Coterie wipes are soft, durable and I’m able to clean more with less!” says Layla.

The Pant Is Actually Absorbent
For some, the switch to “pullups” means more overnight leaks (and wake ups for toddlers and moms, sigh!). That’s not a concern with Coterie’s Pant, a 2-in-1 “diaper-pant hybrid” that actually eases the transition to potty learning. “The Coterie Pant is soft as cashmere, just like their diaper,  and they’re easy to slip on and off. We just started potty learning with Luke – and it’s made the whole process insanely easier because they’re just as absorbent as their diaper too.  These are truly one of a kind,” says Layla.

The Subscription Service is the New Grocery Delivery
“The subscription service is hands down a mom’s best friend. Especially with three kids and crazy schedules, almost always I would grab the last diaper without knowing. Having Coterie diapers and wipes shipped directly to our home on a monthly basis is so helpful and stress free! I can also text them to pause my order if we’re away on vacation, or to size up as my kids grow. They just make it so easy, ” shares Amber.

You Feel Good Choosing Them
Products that work are our first priority, but it’s nice to feel like you’re doing your part for the environment “This is such a huge importance because we are putting these items on our kids and knowing that they are safe and free of dyes, fragrances and chemicals. Added bonuses: their wipes are actually biodegradable, and they carbon offset their entire production process. This all makes me feel even better when using Coterie products,” says Amber. Adds Layla: “From how easy the ordering is to the better quality and sustainability, you simply can’t beat Coterie.”


Go to and use code LOCALMOMSNTWK for 20% off your first order (expires October 31, 2022).


This story is sponsored by Coterie.

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